• What Numerology Name Can Tell You

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    Numerology is a look into how numbers affect our life, out personality, and everything else in between. However, the numbers in your numerology profile is not made up. Each number is a representation of something about you. This includes your name and is sometimes referred to as Numerology name.

    Your Name and Your Numerology Profile

    Several numbers in your numerology profile can be sourced from your name. Foremost among them is your Expression Number and the Soul Urge Number. There are also other numbers in your numerology profile which are derived from your full name, your nickname, your family name, etc. This includes the Minor Expression, the Minor Heart’s Desire, the Personality Number, the Maturity Number, and more.

    Each of the above numbers affect you in one way or another and they are derived from your name. It could also be a combination of the numbers from your name and one other number from your numerology profile.

    Letters and Numbers

    So, how exactly are letters converted into numbers? It’s easy. Keep in mind that each of the letters in the alphabet have their numerical equivalent. A is the number 1 and the letter Z is represented by the number 26. In numerology, however, you will be using a single form of that number. 1 will remain as 1, but Z’s 26 will be reduced to 8 by adding 2 and 6.

    Here is a simple table that numerologists use as a reference to determine the number that each letter represents.

    The Expression Number

    Also called the ‘Destiny Number’, the expression number is the number that represents the path that your life is taking. It is also sometimes seen as the way you express yourself. This number is computed using your full name or the one that appears in your birth certificate. If you have official changed your name, you should use that one instead.

    This is what makes the expression number the foremost of all the changeable or name-based numbers in your numerology profile. There have been several instances in history where a name changed helped an individual to change to way they lived their lives. This has applied to actors, and many others.

    The Soul Urge Number

    This number is computed by adding up the vowels in your full name. The Soul Urge is said to reveal the conscious and unconscious desires of your heart. It gives you an idea of what your soul really longs for and what your heart’s desire really is. This is the reason why the Soul Urge number is also known as the Heart’s Desire, the Motivation Number, the Individuality Number, and more.

    The soul urge number can be used to help you decide on which career you are going to take in life, on what hobbies and interests you would most likely be interested in. For many people who have used name numerology, the Soul Urge number is a very powerful number and can be used to help people who have not yet been able to figure out what they really want in life. It can also be used to help people who have long been conflicted about why they have been feeling out of place in work or with what they do in life.

    The Personality Number

    This number is derived from the consonants of your name. It is the number , which is also known as the Outer Self, External Expression, and more. The Personality Number is said to be the number that represents how people see you. It can be very different from your Life Path number, from your Expression Number, and from your Soul Urge Number.

    This numerology name number can help you figure out how people see you. How you come off to others. It can also help you find out how you can change how people perceive you. It is also a good way for you to find out how you can best live up to the best qualities that are associated with your personality number. It is also best to learn how to reconcile your personality number with the other numbers in your numerology profile.

    The Maturity Number

    This is another minor number in name numerology. It, however, has great significance and can tell you what your life will be like in your late 30s and 40s. This is represents what you desire to achieve in the future. The desire represented by the Maturity Number may not necessarily be apparent during the early stages of life or until the person is already living it. If your current career is not in accordance with your Maturity Number, this can mean that you may be in for a career change in the future. This can also mean that you may eventually end up following your true heart desire.

    Numerology name numbers, like the other numbers in your numerology profile must be taken with an understanding that each number affects the others. Your Expression Number, for example may affect how you will eventually live out your Maturity Number. It can also affect what your personality number.