• April 29th’s New Moon Solar Eclipse In Taurus

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    What You Can Expect For The Week Ahead We still have one week left in April, though it may feel like you’ve already experienced a whole lifetime this month. April has some pretty intense astrology, and it’s not nearly over …Read more

  • April 23, 2014 – The Cardinal Grand Cross

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    Art by Wolfepaw.Deviantart.com/

    Today is the most potent day of the month and most likely the whole year. Yes, we’re in it now! That beautiful symmetry in the sky is now at its apex. The four planets in the now infamous Cardinal Grand …Read more

  • Episode 46 – Easter Symbolism

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    How can you make the most of Easter? Easter is a holiday which symbolizes the resurrection of the Christ, the “Annointend One.” In this podcast, Dawn has a look at how we can use this profoundly meaningful symbolism and apply …Read more

  • Is Your Phone Number TOXIC? Here’s A Quick Way To Find Out.

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    toxic phone numbers numerology 3

    Read Below To Find Out If Your Phone Number Is Helping (or Hurting) Your Career Your phone number represents a MAJOR gateway of communication between you and the people you love and work with. Every time you give it out, …Read more

  • Are These 10 Toxic Digits You See EVERY DAY Sabotaging Your Life & Career?

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    toxic phone number numerology 2

    Did you know that your telephone number, home address, license plate, and even a hotel room number can affect your life… for better or worse? As a member of the Numerologist community, you already know that numbers play a huge …Read more

  • Your April 2014 Oracle Reading

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    Are “piggish” thoughts blocking your flow? There’s no doubt that big things are happening this month. Energy is spiralling all around us thanks to the extremely powerful astrological configuration happening right now. This means positive change can happen quickly if …Read more

  • April 2014 Astrology & Numerology Forecast with Kari Samuels

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    This Month Is All About Fresh Starts & Connecting With Your Soul’s Purpose One of our missions here at Numerologist.com is to bring you the BEST in Numerology wisdom and education – available anywhere! So when we stumbled upon Kari …Read more

  • Episode 45 – Spring Cleaning

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    Cleanse your body of old and unneeded energies. In this Podcast, Dawn shares a simple but powerful way to clear out stagnant inner energies or habits that are holding you back – a perfect accompaniment to spring cleaning! Listen to …Read more

  • Numerologist Spring Equinox 2014

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    Decorative Spring Mandala

    The Equinox time is a time of equal days and equal nights. During this Equinox, where do you need to find the balance in your life? Where are you out of whack – with yourself, your relationships or your energy? …Read more

  • How The Vibrations of Others Effect You

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    Finger hug

    Do the negative vibes of others effect your life? They sure do! In this candid video, Dawn asks you to give some thought to the people in your life and how they make you feel. Check Out Dawn’s March 2014 …Read more